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Simple Savoury Biscuit Recipe -PLUS: Make It With Kids

Cooking with a 2 and 4 year old is like swallowing an insanity pill that's been deep fried in chaos. Just like craft time, you know no matter how well prepared you are, the ceiling will need to be mopped afterwards. But.... and with kids, there's always a but.... we have to something with them to keep their little minds occupied and their hands away from deadly weapons. 
For Mr.4, today's cooking activity was perfectly age appropriate. For Miss2, not so much but live and learn right?  She had a ball all the same and it was all worth it all when my son proudly presented me with a headless chicken.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

I've written about grocery budgets before and how much they vary from household to household. Larger budgets are obviously much easier to refine while tighter budgets require a lot more thought and planning in order to find savings and maintain a healthy balanced diet for your family.
Time is money. Spending a little more time preparing for your shopping trips will save you money. Here's a few helpful tips to get you started on grocery savings.

DIY Shake and Pour Pancake Mix

I'm not big on packet mixes. I don't have anything against them, convenience serves a great purpose in our society and I think if you are too busy to cook from scratch there's nothing wrong with enlisting some help from the premix selection wagon every now and again.

When you break it down though, a lot of these mixes only cost a few extra minutes to make and save a few extra dollars too.