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Spiced Hot Crossed Buns

It's Easter and that means two things, Chocolate and Hot Crossed Buns. Of course, the magic bunny brings the chocolate, so all I have to worry about is the buns.

Do you remember when Hot Crossed Buns were full of flavour?
A quick warning, these buns are not something you can just 'whip up' in a hurry. Prep time is approximately 3 hours but don't panic, 2 1/2 of those are spent allowing the dough to rise, so the labour itself should take less than 30 minutes all together.
Spiced Hot Crossed Buns

Banoco Lime Slice

Banana, coconut and lime, what a beautiful combo these three make.  I was tempted to call this one Cobananut Lime Slice but Miss2 and Mr4 can't even say it and the older two just looked befuddled. 
Fear not! I will keep my creative energy for recipes instead of crazy names.

Banana Coconut Slice with Lime Icing

Bad Mother? Bad Child? Or Could It Be Something Else?

If you ever feel that you are struggling with your child’s behavior or that something is not quite right, speak to your GP, Early Childhood Nurse or Childcare Worker about your concerns.  Parental instincts exist for a reason, don't ignore it!
Mr4 is “that” child. The problem child, the naughty kid that parents encourage their children to stay away from, the one who is watched like a hawk for the slightest act of wrongdoing.

Is Ginger Really Good For You? -Includes ginger and coconut biscuit recipe.

One of the most common known benefits of ginger is it’s use to treat nausea. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't stand the taste of ginger while pregnant and permanently nauseated, so I never had the chance to find out if it really worked.
It seems at a glance that ginger is the gut health king, aiding in digestion, relieving indigestion, easing travel sickness, menstrual cramping and morning sickness, reducing flatulence and even claiming to reduce the risk of bowel cancer BUT before you rush out and buy bucket loads of this delicious root under