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Baked Chorizo and Sweet Potato Risotto

When I published the third edition of  2 Weeks of Dinners for Five I did not imagine that it or the baked risotto would raise so much interest. I’d like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in this recipe and apologise for delay in getting it out to you. I hope your patience will be rewarded with what I believe is a pretty darn tasty meal.
As the name implies, it’s baked. If, like me, you find it difficult to tend to the stove top for a full half hour with no interruptions this recipe may be the answer you’re looking for. The best part: it's adaptable. Add peas and corn, grated zucchini, swap out chorizo for ham/chicken etc. As long as whatever you add won't absorb the liquid you're good.
You will need a 4ltre (minimum) dutch oven/casserole dish OR a large fry pan and 4ltre capacity baking dish with lid.
*I usually pre-bake the sweet potato up to two days before hand whilst the oven in already in use for something else (waste not want not 😉) 6-8 x 1cm thick slices, 19…

Lasagne Bolognese Recipe

***Based on my husband'' recipe, which is much nicer than mine.**"
Lasagne bolognese is simple enough to make but it does take time. Don't worry, most of it is cooking time, it's just not a meal that you can whip up on a spur of the moment whim.

Two weeks of Dinners for Five. Budget Meal Plan #3

I’m asked so often to share my shopping lists and meal plans which is why I have shared these past 6 weeks with you. We don't just feed our family on less than $150 per week. It includes washing and cleaning products, personal hygiene etc. And we feel we live quite well.

Simple Vanilla Cake Recipe

A good Vanilla Cake is a must have recipe for any home Baker. The lightly crisp crunch on the outside and a soft fluffy center make this vanilla cake recipe my all time favorite and most turned to when I need something sweet, simple and elegant.