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Losing A Friend

The pain of grief echo's our love for the one's we have lost. The more we love, the more we grieve. It's times like this that I wish I didn't care so deeply, then it wouldn't hurt so much. We are not given the same allowances for the loss of a pet that we are the loss of a human family member. Regardless of the strong bond you may have shared with your furry friend, you will not be given any time off to come to terms with your loss.
It is expected we will outlive our fluffy companions, their life cycle is considerably shorter than the average human. This makes it easier to accept their death as it is an inevitable fact of life but acceptance and grief are two very different things. Max was only 9 years old, equivalent to a 55-65 year old human I guess. He was off his food and a bit lethargic for only a few days. The vet examined him, jaundice and dehydration were the only obvious physical symptoms, his liver was the probable issue. Prognosis? "Good, unless it…

Stuffed Chicken in Blankets

Stuffed Chicken, wrapped in bacon

Foraging Friday - The Ugly Spud

This fortnight's forage was particularly difficult as my inspiration, stock and budget has been considerably lower than usual.

Vanilla Slice, Not Quite

4 ingredients is Australia's Highest Selling Cookbook Series written by Kim McCosker. As the name suggests, all recipies have 4 ingredients or less. You can follow 4ingredients on facebook which is where I got this recipe.

Sweet Sticky 'Thai' Chicken

I came across this original recipe on pintrest (I knew those countless hours of scrolling would pay off  somewhere) from Daydream Kitchen. Whilst the original recipe on it's own looks good, I just couldn't resist the urge to add a bit of extra flavour. I love the flavours in Thai cooking buy don't always have the time or money to source, buy, chop and grind all thise beautiful fresh ingredients. So here's my version, with a hint of Thai added to it, hope you enjoy it!

How to Make Money Online

Working from home might be a dream or Even nessessity for you.

Raising Parents

We start out in life with the perception that our parents are perfect.
They've got all the answers, they know why the round block doesn't fit in the square hole AND they managed to hold it til they got to the bathroom every single time!

As we grow and learn, we find out that there are things they don't know.
By the time we're 14 (or earlier), our parents no longer know anything at all that is actually worth knowing.
Mum and dad loose all grip on reality at this point for some reason. They just don't 'get it'. They fail to understand the fundamental basics.... How many times do we have to tell them? "No Mum, the generic brand looks nothing like the real one!"

When we hit the age of Adulthood, that's it, we are free to do whatever we want right? So it's off to the club with our friends and between that, work and/or study we don't really see our parents much over the next 12 months - kind of like a gap year.

When next we meet, we find th…