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5 Reasons Your Budget Fails

When I tell people how much I spend on groceries, I often get asked, "How do you do it?" But, even after I tell them, I get bombarded with reasons why it's just not possible. Not possible? I do it, some do it for less!  I would like to respond to the most common comments I receive as I believe these to be the excuses that keep us from our

$200 in 2 Weeks - Fresh Start Challenge

The Empty Pantry Challenge This past fortnight has been a huge challenge for me and I’m so glad the first stage is over. One of the biggest challenges faced by families making the switch to home cooking is the lack of pantry staples and the resulting cost at the checkout.

You may have heard of the pantry challenge? Basically, you design your meal plan around

Cheap and Easy, 2 Ingredient Snackbars

You can save money on your groceries with these simple lunchbox bars.

Do you know what all store bought snacks have in common? You might be saying preservatives, additives, strange ingredients with no clear purpose, package waste…. all good points too but did you know