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Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Inspired by a friend. I didn't have the same ingredients she did so improvised a little. Very morish, watch that waist line! Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Food Brings Family Together

World's Greatest Dad has been working his fingers to the bone, wearing out the soles of his shoes and missing out on family meals in the chivalrous act of providing for his family. Mr High School has been avoiding his homework, home duties and any attempt I may make to strike up a conversation with him. Mr3 and Miss2, well they have been doing their best this week to break their mother and came very close to succeeding.

Breakfast Muffins

The morning rush is a crazy time.  You have to get yourself out of your nice warm bed and leave behind that sweet dream (mine usually consisting of some form of peace and quiet) and enter into the chaotic world of preparing the family for another productive day. The importance of breakfast is widely known and yet I will admit, most mornings I reach for the cereal and throw a few slices of bread in the toaster.
I know I should do better but just look at the time! Miss 2 is having a tantrum on the kitchen floor because her toast has been cut into triangles instead of squares. Mr 4 is refusing to drink his juice because it's in the wrong cup (when will I learn) And Mr 13 is refusing to get up at all!! Of course this is just the beginning, no matter how organised we think we are, they will find a way to challenge our beloved household order.
Grab and go breakfasts are the ultimate in time savers, not only reducing preparation time but also the number of dirty dishes, freeing up more of yo…

Why Custard is Brain Food

Creme Brulé, Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Meringue Pie , Custard Tarts...... Kids, tell mum to make them all!
Let's all celebrate the the fabulous health benefits of these desserts! (Well, kinda healthy, just go with it)
Eggs should be a regular star on your plate. If there were such a thing as "superfood", eggs would have to be high on that list. Eggs boast a range of vitamins and minerals which means health benefits.