Full-time Parent Claims 'Sanity Day'.

"You don't work. Why would you need a day off?"
Full time parents are often guilted out of putting their children in daycare.
The decision to forgo paid employment to stay at home with your children negates any rights to personal time out, bathroom and lunch breaks, personal space, silence and the last slice of cake. 
Why would a stay at home parent even need to put their kids in childcare? 

There I was, barely balancing on that ledge.
I've been here before, so many times before. The invisible line between mildly crazy and completely insane. 
I'm going to crack ....I'm going to crack....🎶London Bridge is falling down🎶

I can't remember the last time I was truly alone. A time when I didn't need to think about anyone else's needs. After dropping ALL the kids off at school and daycare, I returned to a messy but silent home.
I cannot begin to express my excitement. My heart was pounding. I was going to achieve so much today!!

First up, Miss 2 (aka Emma) had wet the bed in the early hours. I stripped, washed and remade it. Just to be clear, all this was done consecutively. I had dreamed of this level of fluency but could not have imagined it was actually possible. Nothing stood in the way of me, holding a pile of soiled bedding, and the washing machine. No one cried at my feet wanting to push the buttons. I actually chose the clean sheets rather than grabbing the first available set and made the bed, COMPLETELY, without stopping to re-dress an Elsa doll, kiss a boo boo, mop up a puddle or prepare a snack.
Life is grand.

I continued on completing tasks, uninterrupted and entirely on my own terms throughout the morning. A slightly manic enthusiasm had gripped me. I rang my own morning tea bell and sat...yes, I SAT… and enjoyed a cup of tea and a muffin.
The text message I sent to my husband read: “This is amazing!!”
Within 3 hours I had achieved what usually took me 2 days.

I didn't know how much I needed this. The silence, no guilt for cleaning when I should be on my knees squishing playdough through my fingers. No needs but own to serve.
As the afternoon drew to close, I felt refreshed. A renewed appreciation for my family. I was ready to welcome their crazed squeals and frantically flailing limbs back into my life.

And so my message to you, stay at home parent, who does not work but works hard each and every day. Do not feel guilty about taking this day.
I don't care if you sit in the sun sipping coffee all day. If you need it, take it! You’ve earned it!! And when the madness of your weeks, your months, your years melt away in the serenity, you will be ready to hold them tighter, longer and with more appreciation in your heart. You will be ready to be a better parent.

You don't need to justify your time, you just need to enjoy it.

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