My Bed Time Whine

The shower beckons but the little ones are refusing to sleep. A text from my wonderful man, declaring his undying love for me goes under appreciated as I wrestle, beg and plead them to sleep. It's 9pm and I should be enjoying that short, blissful peace that comes before tucking myself into bed.
They go quiet and I make the fatal mistake of sighing relief.... BLAM... the surround system explodes into a very loud and obnoxious chorus, singing about car insurance, and sending my three year old through the roof.
Damn! It always happens when the TV switches from standby to off and I had forgotten to turn down the volume.
So they're wide awake again, delightedly squealing their surprise at the unwelcome interruption.
9:15pm and I am ready to break. It's been a hot day and I am itchy and sticky from sweat. I thank the gods of technology as I silently text my eldest to get off the computer and have a shower, he is ignoring my messages.... The kids seem to both be asleep so I head out to deal with his lack of cooperation. He hears me coming and rushes to the bathroom but now there is crying in the other room.
9:30pm Finally an hour after putting them to bed, the kids are asleep.

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