Relieve Household Frustration

It's household catchup day!

I try to dedicate at least half a day a week to the housework backlog.
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I've set aside a full day today and with the two little ones at home, it promises to be a day filled with good intentions, tantrums and distractions, a number of small tragedies, a few laughs and either bitter disappointment or satisfying triumph.

Good intentions:
I like to break down my list into realistic goals. Since toddlers and preschoolers are unpredictable and able to change the entire course of the day in one brief moment, it is important to remain flexible to avoid disappointment.

Out of the things I really want to achive today, I have created a short list of housework must do's:
*4 loads of washing (washed and dried-at least, the laundry is a little backed up!)
*Full Vacuum
Simple right?... Well, I wouldn't go that far, taking into account the care and attention the two adorable angels will need, but it's definitely achievable, surely.

If all goes well there are more items on my extended list like decluttering the dinning room, which has recently become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items.

Unfortunately for me, it is now 10am and although the washing is already hung out, an overtired one year old refusing sleep and bored 3 year old further agrivating the situation are threatening to bring all productivity to a grinding hault.

Tantrums and Distractions:
Frustration is my biggest downfall. In order to keep in check I am constantly reassessing priorities and altering plans.
As I finally get Miss1 off to bed at 10:30am I realise that I cannot vacuum while she is asleep (out of 4 babies, she is the only one who will not sleep through the sound of the vacuum).
I must move to the next item on my list if I want any chance of completing it but first I need to spend some precious 1 on 1 time with Mr.3.
Playdoh fun with Mr.3
After only 40 minutes of sleep Miss1 decides it's time to get up -small tragedy- this is not enough sleep and getting her down for a second sleep during the day is near impossible!

From here it's an uphill battle all the way and with Mt Everest at top my dining table,
I'm thinking it might be dinner in front of the TV tonight....

Bitter Disappointment or Satisfying Triumph:
By setting realistic goals, I am able to feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day, as long as I get that minimum done.
Days like these used to really bring me down. Not achieving all my goals would leave me feeling like a failure and I would resent the kids for their lack of co-operation. This negative pattern was not only self destructive but also allowed me little time to enjoy my children.

I completed my short list and can be pleased with that. I played and spent time with my kids and that's what this time is really all about.

Do you ever reach the end of a frustrating day and feel like you've got nothing done?
Are you asking too much of yourself?


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