Foraging Friday -Steak Wraps

Doing away with the ol' Taco Kit is probably the best cooking decision I've made so far.

I now make my own tortillas and use my Fajita seasoning . Add a jar of salsa that goes a whole lot further than those little packets and can be easily stored in the fridge for next time.

I find a few hodgepodge ingredients can become a meal by simply wrapping them in a tortilla.

I'm a poor meal planner (one of my many faults) and often find that by the end of the fortnight my ingredient stock is running low. I do small stock ups on fresh fruit and veg of course so today I had a piece of rump steak in the freezer, lettuce and carrot in the fridge and a tin of beetroot in the cupboard..... Steak sandwiches? But with only one steak, how do I make enough for everyone?

Steak Wraps

Large rump steak - sliced thinly into strips
Lettuce leaves
Grated Carrot
Tin of sliced beetroot
1Tbs HP sauce
1/2 tsp Worstershire sauce
1tsp oil

Mix sauces and oils and marinade beef strips for at least 1/2 hour.
Prepare lettuce, carrot and beetroot in individual bowls.
Fry beef on high until evenly browned.
Serve with tortillas. 

Obviously if I had planned a meal like this I would have stocked up on a few more ingredients. 
A relish perhaps, some caramalsed onion or Spanish onion would be nice, tomato's......

Sometimes rummaging in the kitchen can spark the imagination for something a little different. The whole family loved it and I look forward to doing it again and making it even better.

Have you ever stumbled upon a family favourite by accident? 

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