I've never really understood the point of non religious Christmas traditions. My family each have their own beliefs and I am fairly certain that crazy shopping trips, major gift giving and sharing a meal together on ONE particular day of the year does not have any bearing on those beliefs.
My friends perplex me just as much with "We have to get together before Christmas!"
WHY? Why must everything happen by December 25th? Is the world going to end on Christmas day? Seriously people, get a grip! If you really want to catch up with me, what's wrong with every other calendar month?  

If it weren't for my children, I am certain I would boycott the whole thing and volunteer for charity work.
Is the meaning of Christmas not peace on earth and goodwill to all men? That's what the greeting cards say. Was this intended to be a once a year thing?

During WWI, troops from both sides crossed their borders and shared gifts and mingled together. They then resumed the act of killing each other the following day. Missing the point?...just a little!

Peace, love and friendship is not a one day a year deal, it's for all days of the year. There are 365 days to choose from. Let's have Christmas all year round!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas xx

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