The Man Flu Crisis

OK ladies, we all know the scenario right?
You've both got the same symptoms but for some reason, you're still able to perform a list of chores while he seems to struggle to lift his pinky finger off the mattress.

Man flu has become the subject of many jokes and humorous stories in women's circles but are we being unfair to our poor suffering men?

Surely our big strong men, with their stiff upper lips and the ability to announce "that didn't hurt" through gritted teeth when you accidently run over their foot with your car aren't about to fall to pieces and first sign of a little sniffle.

Although it has been agreed upon by the wider female society that we get just as sick as they do but it is our sheer drive, determination and strong sense of duty  that keep us hammering along in the face of illness, (I am woman, hear me roar) I'm afraid this hypothesis is only half true.
It is oestrogen that saves us from suffering the same fate as our other halves. Scientists from Harvard University have discovered that the female sex hormone oestrogen fortifies the immune system, and men are suffering for its absence.

So Man Flu is real! All these years thinking we could just handle illness better and it turns out they really do have it tougher than us.
It's too late, you can't unread it! Now that you know, what will you do?

1.Close your browser and never speak of again?

2.Make sure all your friends know to be a little more gentle with their poor man when he's sick?

3.Choose to believe that it is simply not true and men are just the weaker sex , full stop, end of conversation!?

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