Foraging Friday - The Ugly Spud

This fortnight's forage was particularly difficult as my inspiration, stock and budget has been considerably lower than usual.

I had frozen some leftover savoury pie mince a few weeks before but it was not enough to feed five. Fortunately, I had potatoes and had recently been looking at twice baked potato recipe I came across on pinterest. 
This is nothing like it and ten times more ugly but I was pinspired to create "The Ugly Spud".....

*Cut 5 baked potatoes in half.
*Remove skin and mash 4 halves with butter, milk and seasoning (as desired) 
*Mix savoury mince with mashed potato and pile atop remaining 6 potato halves.
*Top with grated cheese and bake until cheese has melted.

I just scraped through with this foraging challenge thanks to the ugly spud and little bit of pinspiration.

The possibilities are endless with baked potatoes!
What's your favourite filling?