How to Make Money Online

Working from home might be a dream or Even nessessity for you.

I know many Stay at Home Mums like myself Want to enjoy the freedom of caring for their children whilst bringing in that little extra cash to help pay the bills.
There are people who for various reasons are unable to be out in the workforce, physical or mental barriers may prevent them from doing so.
And, there are those who just can't stomach the gruelling 8 hours a day spent lining someone else's pockets.
Below are some of the main work online options available to you. Note: this does not include specific contract or specialist work.

Whatever your situation, you CAN make money WORKING online!
Note the emphasis? WORKING. If you think you can just sign up for something and the money will just roll in while you're out playing golf, think again. (This can be possible later after you've done the hard work) The majority of opportunities will require maximum time and effort from you to make them work.
Secondly INVESTMENT is an important factor. Business' have startup costs, from office lease to stationery, the only difference online is the substantially lower fee to startup and if you are considering direct sales/marketing most companies will supply you with everything you need. We'll go into more detail about that later on.

Before you go and sign up to dozens of different "get rich quick" and "make $$$ from home" schemes. Do some research and be honest with yourself, what are you really looking for?
Keep an open mind but beware the scam!

Email processing
I could not even find out what an email processed does! Direct queries on Facebook ads went unanswered and search results either point the finger at scams or advertise how wonderfully simple and clever it is.
Actually, it is simple and clever but you won't be making an honest living "processing emails", instead you will be posting more of the ads that got you in only with your own link so you get paid per person that signs up through your ad.
The reason these people rarely respond to queries is that their so called business is on autopilot. Posts can be scheduled for particular times and days and there are programs that take almost all of the work out of it for you.
Whilst this may not be a scam in definition it is, in my opinion, a fraudulent way to make money. So if you're desperate or you truely have nothing else to offer the world, jump on board and sign up as many people as you can to do...absolutely nothing.

Companies will sometimes "outsource" work to a wider community or "crowd". Sign up is generally free and after doing some simple initial tests you're ready to start earning.
Many of the tasks you will start with are tedious and not worth the time you spend on them. However, should you prove yourself capable of more complex tasks or can excerise a skill such as writing or translation, this can certainly be a source of ongoing income for you.
Pay range per job varies considerably depending on the skill level of the job. Realistically, the average person might expect to make between $5-$15 per hour but the work is not always readily available.

Online Surveys
Possibly the least committal. Most companies will allow you to sign up for free but again, the per hourly rate for these is greatly undervalued overall.
There is the option to purchase accounts which claim to provide you with a list and access to high paying survey sites. As I have chosen not to purchase these I cannot comment on their effectiveness and am yet to hear from anyone (apart from testimonials on their sites) who can.

Direct Sales Companies
Love them or hate them, these companies are here to stay and are quickly and aptly adjusting to the online market place.
Startup fees are usually higher for these businesses but you will probably be receiving a decent haul of products valued at more than your sign up price included in your starter pack.
Care must be taken when choosing a direct sales company and your choice of sponsor is equally important. Read the fine print and identity any pitfalls the company may have for you, eg. If you're passionate about animal rights you don't want to find out the company you've signed with endorses animal testing.
Be sure to dig deeper than the company's website.

Essentially, purchasing wholesale or low priced items and selling for a profit. Beware, this is NOT as simple as it seems and you will need to do your homework.
All costs must be factored in and all competition thoroughly researched as well as the selling site's fees and how to get the most out of it.
Be prepared to dig deep, people will not be willing to give up the name of their supplier if they're on a good thing!

This could be the most underrated online business out there. There IS serious money to be made from blogging but If you think you can just tap off a few posts and watch your bank balance skyrocket you are in for disappointment.
First of all, can you write an engaging piece of text?
Yes? Great!
How will you deliver it to thousands of readers?
Building a blog is building a brand, you are that brand, new brands need to work harder to make their name known.
Once again, dedication and hard work could see you successful in time.

What you should notice straight off the bat here is that I have no advertising! I gain only by giving you a little more insight, so that you might start your own journey armed with a few basics.
I hope you have found my overview helpful. I wish I had looked into these options years ago and researched more thoroughly before I started out but you live and learn right?
Have I missed anything? Let me know if you've found the holy grail of online income!
 *self advertising will be deleted from comment threads so please save me the effort and don't bother spamming.

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