Chasing Tails

Have you ever watched a dog chase it's own tail?
It's amusing isn't it, they go round and round in circles while that excited tail tries it's darndest to get away. What happens if it's caught? Nothing, the dog will release it's grip and start again.

What you may not see while you are busy chuckling at the futility of this game is that this is a metaphor for our own lives.

I see it so often, people chasing a dream, using the same pattern over and over again and just when that dream is within their grasp, they let it go and start again.
For some reason this scenario is far less amusing and more frustrating than watching the dog.

Do you self sabotage? I believe I do.
I am plagued by the mentality that if something is going well, it won't do for long. 
This thought will subconsciously bring about the disaster I am expecting.
I lose sight of my tail and restart the chase in the opposite direction Or give up, plonk myself down and scratch my ears instead.

Sabotaging your own life is a self taught behavior. The seed may have been planted long ago but you have allowed it to grow into a weed, you've even fed and watered it.
GOOD NEWS, you can plant a new seed at any stage of your life, a fruitful one!

I CAN change, I WILL change. I will learn from my past mistakes and not let them define me.
I choose to be happy.

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