Everybody Hurts, sometimes

REM said it best, or should I say 'Played' it best, "Everybody Hurts Sometimes."
The song was released in 1992 and aimed at teen suicide prevention, I wonder if they had any idea how powerful the words of this song would still be over a decade later.

The message is deliberately simple, acknowledging that sometimes everybody hurts and that no one is alone speaks not only to desperate teens but to a universal audience.
"I am one of those everybody's and yes, sometimes I hurt."
I am 34 now and even as a teenager never felt the need to entertain suicidal thoughts but I still hurt and sometimes for no clear reason.
I can't say the song helps me to feel any better, it's not particularly uplifting, more empathetic than anything else I guess.
Perhaps it's the comfort of knowing that;
Although you don't feel normal at this point in time, you are.
Although you might feel alone, you're not.
All you have to do is "hold on" because it can't rain all the time.


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