Are 5 Year Old Girls Power Hungry and Ambitious?

I have held this in for way too long and now, I just can't hold it back anymore. (yes, pun intended)

Since my daughter is just shy of 2 years old and my son is more interested in racing snails (Turbo), I have seen Frozen less than a handful of times and I have to say, I just don't get why all the girls want to be Elsa.

Born with the power of ice and next in line to become the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa is graceful and reserved. Consumed by fear she tries to escape her troubles by hiding away. (I blame her parents for this but that's another story altogether)

Anna is an exuberant and tenacious young princess. Her love for her sister, Elsa, knows no bounds. She courageously braves the raging storm in heels and a sleeveless ball gown to rescue Elsa from herself and save Arendelle from the endless winter she has cast upon it. In a final act of strength and courage, Anna sacrifices her own life to save Elsa.

So why is Anna being upstaged by this twirling, swirling ice slinger?
Is it possible that position, power and ambition are more important to a five year old girl than courage and selfless love?
Maybe it's just all about that dress.
Let's face it, it's a fabulous dress. Granted, after carrying 4 children am not anywhere near as sleek and slim as Elsa but that dress would look fabulous in my wardrobe!

OR, am I looking too deeply into this? Perhaps I just need to accept and Let It Go.

Do you know an Elsa wannabe?
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Although I have no daughters and have not seen the movie, I certainly agree with you in terms of your general concerns. I can understand little girls getting caught up in the beauty and the fantasy, I'd rather see any story skewed towards playing up the virtues of unconditional love and valuing family,

    1. Thanks Karen, I guess the appreciation of these virtues just come with experience.


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