Food Brings Family Together

World's Greatest Dad has been working his fingers to the bone, wearing out the soles of his shoes and missing out on family meals in the chivalrous act of providing for his family.
Mr High School has been avoiding his homework, home duties and any attempt I may make to strike up a conversation with him.
Mr3 and Miss2, well they have been doing their best this week to break their mother and came very close to succeeding.

I don't think our family has ever felt quite so disjointed.
A Friday Night Fiesta was just what our family needed.

The great thing about about smorgasbord dining is that it encourages communication. No one person can reach all the dishes so they need to request assistance from their neighboring diner.
"Can you pass the Tortilla's please?" becomes an opening to a larger conversation. Before we know it, we're all friends again. The family is not just eating together, they are literally sharing a meal.
Dinner is more than a nutritional need, it is a time for busy families to come out of their separate corners of the house and spend time together. 
We're all tired, we've all worked hard and this is a great time to celebrate each other's achievements and boost morale. 
Why do I love food? 
Because Food Brings People Together!

Does your family talk over dinner?
Do you find it hard to get certain members to join the conversation?


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