Free Fun For Preschoolers.

This morning, I am celebrating a win!

Lately Miss2 and Mr3 have been arguing A LOT. I have spent the last two weeks at the end of my teather, barking and snarling, then crying in the corner wondering where I went so wrong.
I needed to find activities they would enjoy doing together but all the toys are old hat now and they want something new and exciting.

A recent trip to IKEA revealed that they both enjoyed role playing with the little kitchens, which are set up in the restaurant for the kids to play with while mum and dad enjoy their free coffee (sure it's not the best coffee around but let's not be picky).
I don't know what your experience has been but I have invested, in the past, in large play sets because the kids have shown an interest in the shop only to have them show little to no interest at home.

Faced with the possibility of having a great big $150 play set sitting dormant in my house, I decided there was a much better option.

We won't be winning any Pinterest awards but Mr3 and I had a great time making this.
Even better, when I revealed the finished product, they both played happily with it. No Arguments!

An old nappy box and saucepan....
Celebrating the win

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