I Want to be Surrounded by Nuts!

The saying goes: "Surround yourself with like minded people."
Who is like minded to me?
Yes, I saw most of you take a step back just then and those of you who didn't either didn't understand the question or you're too polite.

Fact is, no one is ever going to think just like you. You are unique and that is fantastic. But, I had a revelation today as was getting my midlifecrisisnut fix.... NUTS! I need to surround myself with nuts, the more the better. Not health nuts, beauty nuts or gaming nuts. I want all round nuts. If you're a coconut, macadamia or a hazelnut, I want you!

We should all aspire to be nuts, don't you think? Just think of all the beauty we could bestow on the world as we break open our hard shells to reveal that nutty goodness and nourishing each other's hearts and minds with fresh, unrestrained perspective. 

As Abby (midlifecrisisnut), self proclaimed nut writes:
"...being a nut is a very convenient way of being. It allows you to be totally bonkers without anyone questioning your sanity..."
Whilst I am sure, blondes don't have more fun, I am certain that nuts do and if you feel the need to question my sanity, it is probable that you may be too sane for me.

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