The Carcinogenic Mine Field

If you don't want to get cancer, don't eat, don't drink and don't breath. (Yeah, that last one will definitely save you the trouble)
Volunteer or donate to help beat cancer: Daffodil Day

I considered suggesting we all grow our own food but I'm guessing, at the rate we are crossing off ingredients, soil will soon be listed as a carcinogenic. That's if it's not already.
Remind me to look into that one later....

It seems that everything, EVERYTHING, 'may increase your risk of cancer', MAY.
Here is a guarantee, Aging, is the largest risk factor for developing cancer, the older you get, the higher your chances are.... it also increases your risk of dying from other causes.

I cannot believe we go out of our way to condemn the vegetable oils and diet cola's but for some strange reason, we still celebrate birthdays!??
"Hip hip hooray! Your risk of cancer increased today!"
Sorry, no birthday cake for you, you've already risked enough by aging another year, don't make it worse by consuming sugar!

When is enough, enough?
Prolonged exposure to the sun, causes cancer. 
So my apples are riddled with cancer?
I am confused, seriously baffled.

Car exhaust fumes may increase our risk of cancer, microwaves and mobile phones too.
I so love to receive your tweets on the dangers of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo while you're dropping your kids off at school, parked under the power lines, in your luxurious SUV. I know you've got your priorities in order. Thank goodness they are not babies anymore and you don't need to worry about finding a safe alternative. Mind you, that tree over there is releasing oxygen as we speak, you might want to get hold of the council and get that cut down, children should not be exposed to the kind of cancer risks associated with oxygen. And please tell me those bubblers aren't fed by copper pipes? No carcinogenic filter for the tap water either? Is this a school or a slow torture facility?!

Thankfully I only buy bottled water that has been passed through the digestive tract of no less than 100 unicorns in the Himalayas. Oh dear, but the bottles are plastic.

Aren't we taking Mummy Guilt to a whole new level here? In an environment where carcinogens are unavoidable on a number of levels, those that are avoidable are so plentiful or well disguised that we really ought to be wearing lab coats and carrying clipboards to buy groceries to feed our families.


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