Your Happily Ever After

Are you one of those people who want to know what happened to Snow White, Cinderella, Briar Rose... etc... after they married their prince?
As children, we don't question the "happily ever after". When did we get so old and cynical?

It is highly likely, for instance, that Cinderella traded her glass slippers for a pair of much more comfortable and practical fluffy slippers and her ball gown for a dressing gown, particularly once she had children.

Our childhood fairy tales plant a very clear message in our soft, squishy, spongy, young minds that as soon as we marry our prince, everything else will fall into place  and it will be roses and sunshine for the rest of your days..... This is where the scraping record sound sounds, right?....

Relationships require constant maintenance. It's just all too easy to get swept up in the all important parenting role and forget that you swore a duty to yourself and your partner.
You signed the happily ever after contract!
So when the magic is gone, your glass slippers have turned to sheep's wool and your pumpkin carriage turns out to be more of a lemon, do you hitch up your dressing gown and go running for the stairs?

Do you remember why you got Married? How you felt when you gazed into each other's eyes and made that naive promise to be happy for the rest of your days? Think hard on the years that have followed, dig deep and identify the moment your fairytale started drifting off course. Most couples will blame each other at this point. I blame the fairytale.

Did Sleeping Beauty suffer from insomnia after she woke up? Was Cinderella's first born hyperactive? We would not have been informed if Beauty herself turned into a Beast every 28 days or that Snow White and her prince would have to move back in with dwarfs after their kingdom went into receivership.

Had we known that happily ever after was conditional and prone to complications, we would probably have been better prepared to accept and deal with cheap shots that life fires off at us on a regular basis and less likely to lay blame on our significant other.

Do you agree? Are fairytales ruining real life?

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