Agent Mum:Your mission, should you choose to accept.

Ever tried to motivate yourself with a mission impossible styled pep talk?
It's OK to say no, I know I am one of those "special" kind of people and I'm OK with that. (If you said yes, we really need to connect!)
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It works like this:
It's 4pm, the house looks like several bombs have struck (3 to be exact), dinner needs cooking and children need to be fed and put to bed, Mr. Wonderful is out doing the night shift so it's all up to me.... Begin Mission Impossible Brief.....

Good Afternoon Agent Mum, we have identified a potential threat in your vicinity. Several explosions have been reported within your house and the debris is now threatening to twist someone's ankle, stub someone's toe or lodge itself into someone's foot...(let's face it, it would be yours). Other household chores are also backing up, we need you to intercept the backlog before it reaches tomorrow. If it reaches tomorrow, the whole day will be destroyed and mother's everywhere (or at least one) will fall into panic and disorientation.
Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pave the way for fresh new day tomorrow.

As usual, your team is holidaying somewhere in the Greek Islands, so you're on your own again.
First you will need to distract the children so you can access the kitchen without detection. Once inside, you will find a sink full of dirty dishes, you will have 30 minutes to wash those dishes as well as get dinner ready but be warned, your distraction method will afford you only 5 minutes at best so ensure countermeasures are prepared.

The children are tired so make sure you activate the bedtime sequence immediately after dinner to avoid any 'nap time' occurring. Failure to deploy bedtime in a timely manner will be catastrophic to your mission. They will need to be bathed, dressed and settled for quiet time by 18:30 to ensure success.

Once you have the children asleep, you can move on to the dinner dishes, restoring the house to an acceptable state, folding the washing and re-packaging Mr13's bag for camp tomorrow (don't forget, he needs to be at school by oh-8hundred).

Good luck, unless you have written all these things down, this message will self destruct as soon as someone tips a cup of milk on the carpet, creating a memory blank.

One last thing, agent Mum, before you go to to bed, you need to remember to activate the washing machine.... You have until Midnight.

Don't worry, I don't actually take this seriously, no need to cart me off to the sanitarium! Sometimes you have to add a little more insane into your day, just to get through.

How do you get motivated when the odds are against you?

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