Spring Clean the Winter Bulge Away!

How Housework can help you get in shape.

Doing housework can be about equal in exercise terms to medium-intensity aerobics if you choose to put the energy in. Sometimes, a few little changes are all that is needed to make a big difference to your physical health and fitness. Once these things become habit, your daily household routine becomes your daily workout as well.

Stop making things easy.

Modern convieniences are great (I particularly like dishwashers and wish I had one) but they can make us lazy and prevent us from taking advantage of our full range of movement.
The laundry trolley, for example, keeps us upright and limits physical exertion. These are great for people with chronic back problems who would otherwise be unable to perform the task of hanging clothes but for those who are able to do squats, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Click here to see more ideas for getting fit in the laundry here.

Keep moving

Just standing still, you burn over 100 calories an hour. Mild movement, a slow walk for example, will burn twice that. Pump up the energy input to a fast paced walk and double it again!

Are you seeing the potential here?

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