When is a Sugar, Not a Sugar?

Part Three -The Sugar Files

Does a muffin with a lower sugar content than an apple surprise you?

I know that when most people talk about sugar being bad, they mean added and/or excessive sugar consumption. Yet, for some reason, the correct wording escapes them.

Package labelling must say no ADDED sugar on products that contain ingredients which contain sugar, (Say that 5 times fast) yet nutrition gurus can get away with not dying after they "Quit Sugar"? (Well of course they haven't 'quit sugar'. Through their own admission I will add.)

Please don't misunderstand my intentions here, I am not under any disillusion that added sugar is good, I wish only to convey how important the word 'added' really is and that sugar, found in many whole foods is unavoidable and beneficial when feeding our children a balanced diet.

When you consider your child's dietary intake, you need to consider how active they are. I don't know about your kids but I am sure mine burn just about every calorie they eat (some days maybe more). Maintaining their blood sugar levels is essential to ensuring they have the energy, not only to play but to learn as well.

It concerns me that some people would rather look to a low sugar diet than to assess nutrition per calorie. Is sugar consumption an important consideration? Yes!
Is it the most important? Absolutely not!
If we are willing to accept that fruit and vegetables are good for us (and we certainly should) then we need to accept that sugar is not always 'sugar'.

Now, the Strawberry Muffin.
Get the recipe HERE
If you make 12 of these delicious muffins, you'll get 12.5g per serve.
I managed to get 15 out this mixture easily, bringing it down to 10g.
The apple pictured above weights 162g and contains 10g sugar per 100g.
Maths anyone xx

The Sugar Files will continue.
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