Post Christmas Bac'n - Leftover Ham

The time for leftover ham is upon us, so we’ve put together some Table For Five favourites for you.

If you’ve really outdone yourself this year with the world’s biggest leg of ham and you’re asking “Can you freeze ham?”
The answer is a definite YES!
Slice it, dice it, wrap it up and freeze it and don't forget to save the bone for soup stock.

Ham and bacon are very similar so just swap out the bacon for ham in any given recipe.

Personally, I find the combination of over indulgence of rich food and warm Australian weather  leads me to a post Christmas Saladfest. 
I've got my heart set on this one for Boxing Day using lightly toasted ham instead of bacon.

No recipe for this one. It's a free form salad using whatever fresh produce you have, sliced hard boiled eggs, bits of bacon or ham scattered through and a creamy dressing like Mayo or Caesar.

Want more ideas?
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