5 Reasons Your Budget Fails

When I tell people how much I spend on groceries, I often get asked, "How do you do it?" But, even after I tell them, I get bombarded with reasons why it's just not possible.
Not possible? I do it, some do it for less! 
I would like to respond to the most common comments I receive as I believe these to be the excuses that keep us from our
budget success (and some are relevant to other aspects of our lives too).

I can't cook
My 2nd year teacher used to say "Can't, is not a word!" 
Well sure it is, but maybe she was right in thinking it shouldn't be. 

At any point in our lives we can identify things we 'don't know how' to do. We can chose to try, to learn or we can throw our hands up in the air and announce to the world.... "I just can't."
I can assure you, I was born without any kitchen skill whatsoever!

Cooking from scratch costs more
Building up your pantry all at one time can lead to a very hefty grocery bill.
However, if you start simple, you can build up a decent supply of basics without spending any extra money (and possibly even saving some). -Keep an eye out for the empty pantry challenge where I will feed my family for 2 weeks on $200 all ingredients inclusive.

There are also smaller changes you can make that could free up extra funds gradually. -We’ll look at those too, starting with super cheap lunchbox snacks.

I don't have the time
Time is a relevant factor. I’ve been a full time working parent, I do understand the concept of having no time to cook but this argument often comes from people who who appear to have plenty of time to argue the fact that they have no time… yes, that is as confusing as it sounds.

What are you doing right now?
Time does not simply present itself. It is made by priorities. If you do an hours work for $20, why not cook for an hour and save $20?

I have fussy eaters
Resistance to change is perfectly normal. I don't think any of my children enjoyed their first mouthfuls of food. The scrunched up faces, the apprehensive look as the spoon approached their mouths for the second time…. and each time a new food was introduced, repeating the process.

We create normal. We do this by repeating a process again and again until...it just is.

It's not nutritious
Healthier than hungry children!

Look, if you only want to give your family pink salt from the Himalayas or water from the highest springs, collected on holy ground and purified by unicorn farts, you may want to move on now. I doubt you will find much to your liking here.

What defines a healthy diet is highly disputed by many. Vegan, paleo, low/high carb, low/high protien, low/high fat and exclusion diets.....
My head hurts just thinking about it!
At Table For Five we aim for a balanced diet but we don't sweat the small stuff. Food is as much a joy as it is nourishment.

Due to the fact that the idea of what qualifies as healthy varies so greatly, Table For Five aims only to offer you healthier suggestions than those otherwise available, within the financial limitations given.
Please note, children should not be subjected to exclusion diets without first seeking medical advice.
If you can do it better, GREAT! Please be sure to share with the rest of us.

Welcome to Table For Five and thanks for reading.

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