Flat Bread Tortilla Recipe

I love making my own bread. The soft, fluffy, fresh, warm cloud dolloped with butter tastes and smells amazing!
I’ve already shared a number of bread recipes with you, (you can find them all by clicking here) and today I wanted to share this super simple flat bread tortilla recipe.

When I say super simple, the recipe itself is ridiculously easy, however the method is rather time consuming so try to set aside at least 30 minutes for this one. If you're after value for money, a stack of tortillas for about $1 is definitely worth it.

Flour Tortillas
Makes 16 (dinner plate size)

600g plain flour (4 cups)
1tsp salt
120mls/6Tbsp cooking oil (low flavour)
300mls cold water

•Mix salt into flour then add oil and water.
•Stir until mixture starts to come together then knead until everything is incorporated and dough is smooth and elastic (this should only take a few minutes)
•Heat frypan to hot.
•Divide the dough into 16 equal sized balls.

•Roll each ball into a very thin flat disk (about 1mm thick) the size of a standard dinner plate.
*The dough is quite sticky so use either extra flour to roll or two nonstick sheets on either side.
**Do not stack rolled dough, they will stick together (yep, did that once).
•Place tortilla carefully into your frypan and
cook until large bubbles form on the surface, turn and lightly brown the other side.

These store well on a covered plate in the fridge for at least 3 days but they disappear so fast, I couldn't tell you how long they really last. I would expect them to be fine for about a week.

Once you get into a rhythm, you’ll find these are very easy to make. I like to cut down on time by using two frypans at a time and rolling each tortilla as I cook.


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