This Wasn't Part of the Plan

Today I feel I’ve cut off my nose to spite my face.
Our playgroup outing was cancelled this morning after Mr4 tried to call my bluff on a “Stop doing that or we won't go” threat.
Damn it!!

I enjoy playgroup as much as they do (except when I’m picking up a steamrolled kid and apologising repeatedly for my child's obvious lack of spacial awareness and safety guidelines) and it makes up an important part of our weekly routine.
Routine is essential for Mr4 and following through on my threat was not something I really wanted to do but then, sitting in emergency with a pencil hanging out of Miss2’s eye was something I wanted to do even less.
And so, after several requests for him to stop jabbing his sister with a pencil, removal of said pencil, his skillfull and silent  reaquirement (is that a word?) and continued abuse of pencil and sister, Mummy snapped and we are not going!

Cue the tears and tantrums -and that was just me! Mr4 had had a restless night  and so, in turn, had I.
Both tired and cranky, tempers raged and Miss2 (never one to pass up the opportunity for a tantrum) joined in just for the fun of it.

My anger soon turned to remorse. It would be so much easier to pack them up and head of to playgroup.
Upon arrival, I would have a whole troop of mother's to console and regale me with their own tales of morning misadventure.
But I said what meant and I meant what I said! Going back on my word would send the wrong message and right now, I really, really need to get the right message across… No means No! Stop means Stop! And failure to follow these rules will have undesirable consequences.

Have you ever made a threat you didn't expect to have to follow through with?
Do you think I should have taken them anyway?

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