Two weeks of Dinners for Five. Budget Meal Plan #1

Meal plans are always the key when it comes to keeping costs down but I must admit, I'm more of a free form plan kinda gal myself. I like to have options, or at least think I do, and be able to alter the plan to fit
each day as needed.

If you're familiar with the saying, “Can't see the forest for the trees,” you might understand that you can not always see the food for the ingredients. So the first step is to take a look at what we already have, make a list, and try to build on it to make as many meals as possible. It's surprising what a new perspective can do. You might find you only need to add a few more ingredients to complete your list just like I did here:

What we've got
Primary Shop
Mid fortnight shop

This Fortnight: $170
As you can see, we had plenty already stocked and no shortage of options. You don't need to plan elaborate meals every day, you just need to choose meals that suit you and your family. Note that although breakfasts and lunches have not been included in the list below, the ingredients are there to see in the dockets.
Click through for recipes.

Week 1
Mediterranean Chicken Bake
Mediterranean chicken bake.

We used breast instead of thigh since chicken breast was on special. 4 breasts were used with the tenderloins removed and sliced for Wednesday's meal.

Double batching makes for an easy option at a later date. You can freeze this Pie in it’s complete form but due to lack of freezer space, I only double batch the meat layer and add the potato fresh on the day.

Using the tenderloins removed the breast fillets is a great way to get two meals out of one cut.

This speedy meal is ready in 15 minutes and is incredibly versatile. The boys love taking the leftovers to school for lunch too.

Double batch and freeze ½ for another night. You'll thank yourself later.
This soup loves a damper loaf partnership.

Beans on toast & omelettes
Give yourself the option to slum it every once in awhile. I personally can't stand baked beans but the rest of the family is perfectly happy to sit down to a bowl.

Sausages, mixed garlic potato bake and garden salad. (+Lamb chops)
While we're on the subject of things I don't like we’ll add sausages to that list.
The potato bake is a simple combination of sliced potato and sweet potato topped with a dollop of garlic butter and baked at 200°C.

One of the kids favorites.

Simple to make and with no added sugar. With batter or without.

Made on freshly baked rolls with lettuce, beetroot, cucumber and mayonnaise.

Penciling in a leftover night not only saves money and time, it reduces household waste as well. Win, win, win.
Of course, if you should reach leftover night with nothing leftover, cheese and tomato toasties are surprisingly satisfying.

Pulled Pork and Bacon Pizzas
If you're put off by a yeast dough, you can always try the 2 ingredient yoghurt dough (1 cup yoghurt : 2 cups self raising flour). I personally prefer a more traditional dough but simplicity exists to help us squeeze more into our days and sometimes that means not waiting for dough to proof. The pulled pork was frozen from last month's slowcooker pork.

Lunchbox snack baking list:


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