Two weeks of Dinners for Five. Budget Meal Plan #2

Entering this fortnight after a low cost two weeks weighing in at $170 I knew I had little chance of replicating those results. Supplies were low, it was school holiday chaos and the plan was not properly thought out. Still, in the interest of keeping it real, here it is.

Heading up the plan, as usual, is a quick kitchen stock take. This is followed by a meal list and finally the grocery shop. Unfortunately the second receipt got lost so I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it.
A quick reminder that while breakfasts and lunches are not listed here, they are still included within the total spend.

Milk 9ltrs $8
(2 bottles reduced)
1kg Carrots $1.90
Bag of leaf mix $2.50
Cherry tomatoes $1.50
2 loaves bread $1.90
2 cans tomatoes $1.20
Tube of Pringles $2.00
Total = $19.00
Click to enlarge images.

Total spend $232.50

Versatile Tomato and Herb Sauce

Fusilli w/Tomato and Herb Sauce

This easy and versatile sauce has saved me on many an uninspired, time poor evening.

Gnocchi w/Tomato and Herb Sauce + Bacon

I cheated! The gnocchi came out of a packet that claimed to serve 4…. Mr4 was heartbroken when there wasn't any more. Next time we’ll aim to make our own.

Ravioli w/Tomato and Herb Sauce + Chorizo

The canned tomatoes certainly came to the rescue this week.

Tandoori Butter Chicken

Chicken Tandoori Curry/Butter Chicken

I choose Your Inspiration at Home for all my pre blended spice mix needs.
Their long shelf life ensures constant availability.

The Ultimate Winter Warmer

Tomato and Vegetable Soup w/chorizo and lentils. *Recipe incomplete* - awaiting exact measurements.

Leftovers and beans

The little ones love their beans, the big boys finished the soup and Mum had the rest of the pasta.

Beef Pie

Beef Mince and Veg Pie x2

The cost of making a pie vs buying is comparative given that you can buy a family pie (albeit small) for as little as $5. These two large pies cost about $13 in total ($6.50 each) to make and, in my opinion, taste a whole lot better.

Sausages, w/2 potato bake and corn

Fried Rice

This was originally meant to be accompanied with a vegetable stir fry but life doesn't always go the way we plan it. The kids had seconds, their stomachs were full and there are worse things in life than that 😉


Yet another cheat using Your Inspiration at Home’s Chive and Onion dip mix for a full flavoured dish.
Could you use fresh chives? Absolutely! Unfortunately they're rather expensive to buy and refuse to grow at our house.

Loaded Potatoes

Loaded Potatoes

What is winter without stodge? No prizes for best in show but once again, full tummies made the runner up division.

Beef Vermicelli Stir Fry

Stir fry and noodles. How could you go wrong? It's fast, easy and tasty.

With no lunchboxes to fill and Mr14 only emerging from his bed around midday most days, baking was down. I introduced Mr4 and Miss2 to the joys of cinnamon toast this week. We also had the pleasure of family and friends visiting which always yields a tasty treats or two.

The bakery line up this fortnight:


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