Two weeks of Dinners for Five. Budget Meal Plan #3

I’m asked so often to share my shopping lists and meal plans which is why I have shared these past 6 weeks with you.
We don't just feed our family on less than $150 per week. It includes washing and cleaning products, personal hygiene etc. And we feel we live quite well.

A recent conversation with a lady who is currently having to feed her family of 4 on only $120 per fortnight confirmed for me just how fortunate we are to have such a reasonable budget. Thankfully her situation is not permanent, but I have also spoken to a number of people”living” on government support payments (for one reason or another) and found this to be a fairly standard amount. Some single mothers in particular feel forced to go without food in order to feed their children. Fortunately, there is some community help available for most families but it is limited. This just goes to show how big the gap is between a low income family and an income support family. Don't judge them, they've got it tougher than you or I could imagine.

On to the final fortnight of our 6 week meal plan. You can view the previous plans by clicking on the links below the baking list. I totally boobed it on the second week and had to go back to the shops a third time but shoot, these things happen. The only things not accounted for here are the 3 Chorizos I purchased from the local market for $11. There is also a $9 purchase of frankfurts which were for the boys at Mr.Wonderfull's work.
A reminder that while breakfast and lunch is not included on the plan, items and cost are still included in the total spend.

Total spend $221.50

#wastenothing One Chicken Three Meals

Roast Chicken and Vegetables
A whole roast chicken will contribute to at least 3 meals for us. Strip the leftover meat to store for another meal (we had enough for two more meals this week) and use the carcass to make a flavourful broth with vegetable scraps #wastenothing
While I'm already baking vegetables, I throw in some extra sweet potato for tomorrow's risotto.

Not for the purists. This risotto is made with long grain rice and baked. No need for constant stirring.

Actually, I forgot to buy Macaroni so we had spaghetti cheese instead. Kids thought it was great.

Remember that chicken we salvaged from the roast? Stock and shredded chicken brought to you by Monday's roast 😉

Lasagne x2
Challenging our freezer capacity with a whole oven ready lasagne! It was a tight squeeze but I loved being able to defrost and put it straight into the oven.

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Again with the leftover roast chicken, capsicum, red onion, BBQ sauce and cheese on a homemade pizza base.

It's simple but oh so tasty!

Everything goes into one dish. Easy to prepare and easy to clean up afterwards.
*Swapped out the thighs for drumsticks, just cook chicken a little longer.

Chorizo Soup
When you buy good chorizo, you have to make it the star of the dish!

Sausages and Mash
What can I say? It's just a classic, low priced, family dish.

Couscous Crusted Chicken and Chips
A delicious alternative to bread crumbs.

The beauty of slow cooking is that there is no restriction on the cut of pork.

Leftovers/Baked Beans

On the baking list:

Previous Meal plans 

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