Degradation = Popularity. No Thanks!

I may not always get it right in my personal life but when it comes to what I say on this blog and my public pages, I do tend to overthink it. Usually that's considered a bad thing when it comes to writing, particularly from the heart, but I have come to learn that in my particular area of blogging (budget and food) sensitivity of diversity is a severely lacking trait.

Yesterday I watched a Thrifty Blogger fall from grace with one single indiscretion laying insult to a large group of readers.
This lady has a reasonable sized following (although smaller now) and the opportunity to empower a great deal more but, disappointingly, has chosen to put down the very people who need her support the most. I won't go into detail but essentially, it was suggested that a lot of families make unhealthy choices simply because they are lazy. After an overwhelmingly negative response to her post, she removed it, but offered no apologies.

This is where I become disillusioned by the blogging world. The larger the following, the less they care? It's not true of all, I know that well enough. But it is true of, at least, some and it remains to be seen which is more dominant.

Is this the future for the internet? 
Does the duty of care for others cease to be important once a brand has been established?

People make mistakes. I sure as hell do. But I want to make this promise: I will not assume to know what is best for you, your family or your situation. I may not be sure of the direction I am going but I definitely know which road I do not want to take!

If you are a blogger or regular sharer of helpful advice, wouldn't you prefer to lift up one person than put thousands down?

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