March Budget Family Meal Plan - Week 3

March Family Meal Plan, week 3

Total spend $91.19

We’ve got a bit a cheat this week. You’ll notice there's only 6 dinners because we enjoyed a family dinner out. The big age/interest gap between Mr14 and Mr5 means we don't have a lot of (whole) family outings. Dinner out is one activity that we can all enjoy together every now and again.​
Many family restaurants have designated discount or “kids eat free” night's. Worth taking a look in your local area, if you enjoy a night away from your own kitchen and dining room table​.


Snacks : orange cake, ANZAC biscuits, grapes, apples, pears, bananas, chips, popcorn.

Lunches : leftover pasta, sandwiches:chicken mayo& lettuce, jam, peanut butter.

Breakfast : oats, cereal, toast


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